It’s all about roasting, extraction and getting the best out of the bean. But here we tell you also about our trips to origin, meeting the people that grow our coffee…

Visiting the Blue Mountain in Jamaica

by Jessica Thomson, Barista @ coffee pirates This March I had the opportunity to see some coffee up close and personal during a bike tour in the Blue Mountain region while on vacation in Jamaica. Although the tour I was on was not specifically a coffee tour, we did have the opportunity to see some […]

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Road To Seoul – World Aeropress Championships 2017

Road To Seoul – World Aeropress Championships 2017 von Matthias Zechner Ein Päckchen Kaffee per Post. So beginnt die Vorbereitung für die Aeropress Weltmeisterschaft. Rund um die Welt bekommen alle Teilnehmenden 200g des selben Kaffees zur Vorbereitung. Direkt beim Bewerb erhält man nochmals Kaffee. Es gilt mit dem Kaffee zu experimentieren und passendes Rezept zu […]

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The Pirates @ World Cup Tasters Championship 2017 in Budapest

Hey! It’s Jess and I am going to tell you a little bit about my experience entering and winning the Cup Taster’s competition last January at the Vienna Coffee Festival. Cup Taster’s Competition? There is such a thing? How does that work? How can you win a competition of tasting coffee? A Cup Taster’s Championship […]

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Child labor on Coffee Plantations

Wow, what a topic! And, of course we can not support farms where children have to work! When we were visiting farms in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopias top coffee area, we saw many kids working on these farms. Mostly they separated defected beans and did some minor works at the washing stations. Why do the children not […]

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Selecting of defected coffee beans?

Why should we select defects from green or roasted coffee beans? Good question! Yesterday I had a short visit from Thomas, a coffee farmer in Peru, (Tropical Mountains) at our roastery on Spitalgasse. He arrived in the moment that I was selecting defects from a batch of freshly roasted coffee beans. He looked surprised and […]

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Ethiopia – trip to origin

Haya dede (my country is beautiful) >> proud words of a coffee farmer we met in a wild coffee forest in Kaffa. CoffeePirates’ two weeks road trip through Ethiopia. 1st day – Addis Ababa to Yirga Alem We start leaving the crowded and noisy capital Addis Ababa as soon as we can by heading in […]

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