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Las Lajas

the perfect cup >> the perfect selection

…unten findest Du den Beitrag auf Deutsch It just tastes wonderful – fruity, a balanced sweetness and a strong body. Just a dream of a coffee. Yes, the boys know how do roast. But there, in the end, there is something. Something that suddenly doesn’t fit at all. A taste somewhere between hay, cardboard and […]

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Coffee Roasters Guild Camp 2018 – Évora, Portugal

Hey guys – Jess here! I just got back to Vienna after having an amazing time at the Coffee Roasters Guild Camp which took place from October 10th-13th and was located in beautiful Évora, Portugal. The camp is a yearly event in which roasters from around Europe (and the world!) come together to learn, improve […]

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selecting coffee in Yirgajeffe, Ethiopia

Selecting of defected coffee beans?

Why should we select defects from green or roasted coffee beans? Good question! Yesterday I had a short visit from Thomas, a coffee farmer in Peru, (Tropical Mountains) at our roastery on Spitalgasse. He arrived in the moment that I was selecting defects from a batch of freshly roasted coffee beans. He looked surprised and […]

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