. Burundi Sehe Shade – Espresso Roast

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Single Origin Premium Coffee

Flavor notes: stonefruit & black burrant, sweet and complex, tea-like mouthfeel

Country: Burundi
Altitude: 2000-2200 masl
Variety: red bourbon
Processing: fully washed
Packaging: grain pro bags

Sehe is a fantastic area in Cibitoke Province of Burundi. The area has great altitudes, lush vegetation, and rich soil for growing coffee.

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The washing station, Sehe, is located at 1750 meters and the coffees are harvested up to 2000 meters. It is one of the newly built washing stations. Its located in the province of Shibitoke in the hills of Bukinyanana commune. The site manager is a young guy called Christopher. Its a medium sized washing station and they receive about 400 tons of cherry per season. They have a great clean natural water source. There is about 160 drying tables and 37 of them have a 2 stories, meaning the coffees will partially be dried in shade.

The coffee is systematically separated based on where they are grown, and by the date of processing. They generally collect cherries from a range of areas with different altitudes, growing conditions etc, and the flavor range is pretty wide spread according to that.

Typically in Burundi farmers are growing coffee along with other food produce that they consume within their homes and sell on a small scale in the local market. Farmers here are primarily subsistence farmers, and coffee is a crop that gives a relatively secure access to cash. Farmers will describe the size of their farm or production usually by number of trees, commonly farmers would have between 250 to 300 trees. Maintaining and growing coffee trees is work done by the family.

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