Colombia – El Divino Niño

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Single Origin Premium Coffee

COLOMBIA – EL Divino Niño

Flavor notes:
Molasses syrup, hibiscus, black currant, peach
intense, structured
rich and creamy body

Country: Colombia
Farmers: Guillermo Manjarrez, Yisela Piso, Luis Aya
Region: Central Huila
Altitude: 1650-1850 m
Variety: Caturra, Colombia and Castillo
Processing: washed and dried in small parabolic dryers
Packaging: Grain Pro Bags

The farmers frequently deliver really small outturns of parchment as soon as they
have their small daily or weekly batches ready. This microlot is coming from
three farmers.



Colombia – El Divino Niño

El Divino Niño is the name for coffees related to a specific project with Coocentral and our importing partner Nordic Approach. Coocentral is a very professional and strong Cooperative with very good people involved. They are actively following up the producers with technical engineers and agronomists. They also have funds for this specific project.

It’s a smallholder project in exclusive cooperation with Nordic Approach to improve the quality of the coffee and livelihoods of the producers. Together with the Cooperative they came up with a list of criteria for elevation, varietals, processing and so on. Then Coocentral has actively gone out to farmers that fit in to the concept, and are investing in follow up and training with the growers. There are about 70 farmers currently part of the project, and this can be increased – in total there are about 3500 members in the Cooperative.

They have purchasing points in Gigante, Garzon, Guadalupe, Suaza Tarqui, Pital, Agrado. The harvest in Central Huila is very spread out — some have the main harvest in May – July, and others from October.

This project is a pretty unique thing for Huila, and they are partially using the Tamana model for picking, processing and drying. There will be a mix of micro lots from single producers, or a mix from a few farmers, and medium sized mixed lots based on cupping scores, profiles and lot sizes. The premiums are paid based on a scoring system, and the entire premium goes back to the growers.

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1kg, 250g

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