. Colombia Juan Cardona – Espresso Roast

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Finca La Conchita Lot #27
Single Estate Premium Coffee

Flavor notes: Passion fruit, fine notes of sandal wood and black tea
Great depth, medium to strong body, good structure

Country: Colombia
Region: Antioquia
Farm: Finca La Conchita
Farm size: 20ha
Coffee growing area: 3ha
Altitude: 1900 m
Variety: Caturra Chirozo
Processing: fully washed
Packaging: grain pro bags




Juan David Cordona has a farm called La Conchita in Antioquia Colombia. He’s been renovating and innovating the family farm the last four years. He has proven to produce coffees with completely different profiles than what you can expect from this area. They have constantly been cupping great and are truly unique.

Antioquia is typically known for large coffee estates serving the commercial grade market, and this is still much the case. However, things might be changing as the younger generation is beginning to take over the production. Juan David Cardona is one of the producers. Together with a group of other young producers, they have formed a group that are looking at coffee production in this region with a new perspective.

Juan David Cardona’s farm is 20 hectares in total, but only 3 hectares are with coffee. All trees are new and were planted in 2011. The first trees he planted was Caturra and Colombia, but the plan is to grow Tabi as well.

The equipment at the farm is old and worn down, and not very reliable. The pulping and drying for the higher quality lots is therefore done at Juan Saldarriaga’s facility, but Juan David is investing in new equipment and upgrading his beneficio so that he will be able to process all of his coffee at his own facility.

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