Colombia Tabi Anis

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Tabi Anis Locura

We source this natural Tabi through Specialty Coffee Trader Algrano. We call it Locura, which is Spanish for Craziness because…well, go ahead and taste it.

This microlot is produced by Diego Bedoya from Finca La Chiquita in Palestina, Caldas, together with a multitude of other coffee varieties such as geishas and bourbons. The cherries are harvested, processed as natural by sundrying and then undergo a thermal shock process (when coffee temperature reaches a set level, it is sprayed with ice cold water) and is stored in Anis barrels for one month.

As the producer himself delights in telling: the aromas of this coffee are insane. There is a plethora of crazy new aromas and flavors to be experience here. One can find Sambuca, Ricard, Pernod, Raki and Ouzo all over it, as well as anise, cumin, cilantro, liquorice, herbs and even that one aroma from the Scentone Aroma Kit that no one ever guesses, “100 Savoury Beef”. Our roast delivers a medium malic acidity and a creamy, sherry-like mouthfeel. Let’s just say, it’s not your run of the mill Kenyan.

Producer: Diego Bedoya, Finca La Chiquita, Cafe de la Torre

Variety: Tabi

Process: Thermal Shock Natural

Altitude: 1.600-1.800m

Tasting Notes: Star Anise, Sambuca, Cilantro, Cumin, Liquorice, Ricard, 5-Spice


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