. Costa Rica Alonso Arrieta 90+ score – Filter Roast

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Single Estate Premium Coffee

Anaerobic Fermentation

Flavor notes: Spices, vanilla & cinnamon
Expect a velvety mouthfeel and a medium body

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Zarcero West Valley
Farmer: Alonso Camacho Arrieta
Altitude: 1700 m
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation

We are really excited to share this fantastic coffee with you and hope you like it as much as we do.
The special anaerobic processing is a wet fermentation in the absence of oxygen it creates lactic acids and gives a great taste to the coffee. Expect wonderful notes of apple, cinnamon and vanilla.



Anaerobic Fermentation

This coffee from Costa Rica is processed by a so called anaerobic fermentation, since the whole process is done in stainless steel containers, totally closed. The coffee that may be used for that processing, must be very ripe. The pulp of this coffee is removed, and it is placed in the center of the fermentation tank with all its mucilage.

Then, after selecting the coffee, those that are chosen for the anaerobic coffee will be shed. These coffees also have to be very ripe. The cherries are depulped and the parchment is passed through the desmusilaginadora, well pressed to obtain the mucilage gel, this gel is added inside the fermentation tanks where the other coffee is placed. The amount of gel should be enough to cover the entire parchment. Then it needs to be mixed well and the tank sealed tightly. It is very important that the tank is completely closed because if this is not the case, the CO2 escapes, no pressure is produced and the coffee will not be ANAEROBIC processed.

During the fermentation, the temperature of the tank is controlled, since the process is required to last
approximately between 18 and 23 hours. After 15 hours the pH is constantly measured to know how the fermentation is going. The fermentation should be stopped when the mucilage sugars have been consumed, but no alcohol is produced. During the fermentation of the CO2 that occurs when not being able to leave, exerts a high pressure on the grains and allows that the flavors of the coffee juices are introduced inside the parchment.

Once the measurement and the fermentation is concluded, the tanks are opened very carefully, as they are under high pressure. The coffee then needs to dry in the sun. It must be well coordinated so the coffee receives at least 4 hours of sun on the first day, otherwise, it may happen that the fermentation continues and it is not possible to catch the flavors wanted. The coffee is not washed and its dried alongside the rest of the fermentation. This is the process of the anaerobic coffee fermentation.

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