El Salvador – Buenos Aires, Direct Trade

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Single Estate Premium Coffee

natural processed

Flavor notes: dark chocolate, honey, caramel and red grape, huge body and a syrupy mouthfeel

Country: El Salvador
Farm: Finca Lima
Region: El Congo, Santa Ana
Altitude: 1200 m
Variety: 100 % Bourbon
Processing: natural
Packaging: Grain Pro Bags

We like the cup profile of this coffee very much as it has a huge body, a great sweetness, a syrupy mouthfeel and a long aftertaste. If you prefer stronger coffees or you need a push forward in the mornings, this is the right one for you!



El Salvador – Buenos Aires

The regions’s dark soils and blessed climate make the perfect environment for spectacular cup quality. The view is equally stunning. The farm’s 25 hectares rise high above lake coatepeque and have a view of the lake and the Santa Ana volcano.

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1kg, 250g

whole beans?

0 – whole beans, 1 – grounded for espresso, 3 – grounded for bialetti, 4 – grounded for aeropress, 5 – grounded for v60 / kalita, 6 – grounded for chemex, 7 – grounded for french press, 9 – grounded for cold brew / karlsbader


roasted for espresso

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