El Salvador – La Macarena

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El Salvador – La Macarena
Finca La Macarena
Single Estate Premium Coffee

flavor notes: Chocolate, sweet plum acidity, raisins and honey, creamy mouthfeel,
big body and full of sweetness in the cup

region: Apaneca-Ilamatepec
farm: Finca La Macarena, farmer Hugo Barrera
altitude: 1250-1700 m
variety: Bourbon and Pacas
processing: washed and patio-dried

Salvadorans wear the Bourbon badge of honor proudly. Producers, even in the face of impending coffee-leaf rust, are loyal to this variety known for its big body and sweetness. Producers in El Salvador believe the Bourbon variety is what makes a coffee distinctively Salvadoran.



El Salvador – La Macarena

This is part of a project with an El Salvadorian producer, Jose Antonio Salaverria and his family.
The coffees are all processed at their central mill, Las Cruces. Their coffee growing areas consist of a great number of farms he has inherited or bought over the last years, but this coffee is from a neighboring farmer in the same area, in the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountains. They deliver the coffee to Las Cruces mill and the coffee is processed to the same high standards as their own coffee.

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