Ethiopia – Biftu Gudina

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ETHIOPIA – Biftu Gudina

Flavor notes: delicate wild honey, lime and floral notes, black tea and jasmine, supple mouthfeel, clean finish

Country: Ethiopia
Farms: 180 smallholder farms
District: Agaro, Goma – Jimma, Oromia
Varieties: various Ethiopia heirloom varieties
Processing: fully washed and sun dried on African beds
Packaging: Grain Pro Bags
Altitude: 1900 – 2100 m

Agaro is close to the birthplace of coffee and has some unique heirloom varietals growing in the forests. Maybe from one of these trees, goats ate coffee cherries the first time in history…
The Cooperative is relatively young being established in 2011, but has a very strong management who have been able to provide financial benefit back to their member farmers and continued success in quality production. This area has over the last couple of years began to earn a reputation for very flavor intense and spicy coffees with very distinct attributes.



ETHIOPIA – Biftu Gudina

Do you already know the legendary tale about the discovery of coffee? Here it is again:

Once upon a time in the land of Ethiopia, there lived a goatherd named Kali. Kali was a sober, responsible goatherd whose goats were also sober, if not responsible.
One night, Kaldis goats failed to come home and in the morning he found them dancing with abandoned glee near a shiny, dark-leafed shrub with red berries. Kali soon determined that it were the red berries on the shiny, dark-leafed shrub that caused the goats eccentric behavior, and soon he was dancing too.

Finally, a learned Imam from a local monastery came by, sleepily, no doubt, on his way to prayer. He saw the goats dancing, Kali dancing, and the shiny, dark-leafed shrub with the red berries. Being of a more systematic turn of mind than the goats or Kali, the learned Imam subjected the red berries to various experimental examinations, one of which involved parching and boiling. Soon, neither the Imam nor his fellows fell asleep at prayers, and the use of coffee spread from monastery to monastery, throughout Ethiopia, and from there to the rest of the world…

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