Unroasted / Green Coffee Beans – Peru,Tropical Mountains

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1 kg of Specialty coffee beans for home roasting!!!

Single Estate Premium Coffee


Flavor notes: chocolate & toasted walnut notes pleasant creamy texture with a medium body

Country: Peru
Farm: Finca Tropical Mountains
Town: Chanchamayo
Region: Central Peru
Altitude: 1300 – 1700 m
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Gran Colombia
Processing: washed
Packaging: Grain Pro Bags

What does direct trade mean? Toghether with Thomas, the owner of the farm, we are looking for 100% transparency from bean to cup. We improve bean quality and work for a better cup taste every year…

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Tropical Mountains was founded in Bolivia in 2006. The idea of providing coffee producers with direct market access to consumers was already conceived one year earlier.

In 2005, the founder of Tropical Mountains, Thomas Schwegler, was working for a non-profit organisation in Bolivia and supporting various coffee cooperatives in the quality management and marketing of their coffee. Over the next few years, the idea of providing the producers with direct market access was developed further and Schwegler’s activities were extended to cover the entire Latin American continent. The original focus of the trading company was the provision of consulting and export services for small producers. The trading company’s objective was to enable the producers and cooperatives to gain independence from large companies. Tropical Mountains has continued to maintain an extensive network of producers, exporters and roasters from all over the world ever since.

It has enabled dozens of coffee producers and cooperatives to acquire direct customers and become independent. Tropical Mountains has made a name for itself on a global level both in the field of speciality coffee and in terms of direct trade. The company still provides consulting services on a small scale and offers good coffees from all over Latin America for buyers from Europe and North America.
The company relocated to Peru in 2008. In 2011, the company decided to take a new direction and switched its focus from trading to its own coffee production activities. Its plot of land was purchased in 2010 and is situated in a privileged location at the heart of the coffee region of Chanchamayo. The company’s main focus is now placed on its own production of speciality coffee.

Prerequisite for the production of speciality coffee is the location of the farm and the microclimate. This arabica coffee grows between 1300 – 1700 m., in sub-tropical climate without overnight frost. Essential is also the presence of water. Shade trees protect from direct sunlight and ensure slow growing, so the plants can optimally unfold.

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