Guatemala – El Nogal, Geisha, Microlot

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Single Estate Premium Coffee

GUATEMALA – Geisha EL NOGAL, Microlot

Flavor notes: This coffee is truly outstanding! Cocoa, honey, cane sugar, raisins and dried plums, balanced mouthfeel, sweet and complex

Country: Guatemala
Farm: El Nogal
Region: Acatenango
Altitude: 1550 m
Variety: Geisha
Processing: washed and sun-dried
Packaging: grain-pro
Harvest time: December – March

With its majestic beauty, the Acatenango region is named after one of its two nearby volcanoes. The Acatenango volcano is distinct in that it has two peaks though it is inactive. The Fuego volcano, which means fire in Spanish, is still under constant eruption and is noticeable by the clouds of smoke above its peak.

The constant eruption when in small doses nourishes the sandy soil and makes it perfect for growing coffee! In 2015 the volcan de Fuego erupted a serious amount of ash impacting coffee across various regions. Fortunately the ash didn’t stay too long as the region’s winds blew the ash off the plants.

The altitude in the region reaches as high as 2,000 meters and gets the sea breeze through strong gusts of wind from the Pacific Ocean. The area is extremely lush with densely shaded forests.

The farm already received various prices. The coffee was used in Raul Rodas 2009 World Barista championship performance routine – and Evelyn from CoffeePirates brewed with that Geisha at the Austrian Barista Championship 2017 and got 2nd place!



GUATEMALA – El NOGAL, Geisha, Microlot

El Nogal was a farm that Sr Perez purchased in 2008 from his mate. It is just down the road from his other farm called El Libano. One morning he was visiting the exporter, when they asked him if he had Geisha. He had never heard of it. They said well if you see a plant that branches are up in a V shape, the leaves are copper tipped, and the beans are oval shaped, than that maybe a geisha. Sr Perez returned to his farm, when his farm manager who was picking El Nogal for the first time said “Señor, we have a problem. Something is really weird with these plants. Sr Perez why, what does it look like? So they went through the test – branch shape, oval bean shape, copper tipped.

A few more weeks passed, and Sr Perez received an email saying “Congrats! You have Geisha!”
That is how the story of Sr Perez’s geisha began.

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