Rwanda – Kamiro

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Single Estate Premium Coffee

Rwanda Kamiro

Flavor Notes: complex floral notes, black tea and redcurrant, sweet and delicate, bitter chocolate

Country: Rwanda
Region: Kamiro village, Nyamagabe
Farms: Motherland Farmers
Altitude: 1800 m
Variety: Jackson and Bourbon
Processing: fully washed and sun-dried on african high-beds
Packaging: Grain Pro

Coffee production has the potential to change the financial situation for the people in this poor region. this will give us access to better coffees, while also increasing the average income for the farmers.

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Rwanda Kamiro

Farms are generally very small, families that are having some land with coffee trees and who take care of the plants and pick the cherries themselves. Usually they will also have some subsistence farming, there are occasionally farmers with more land.

Farmers will either carry their cherry by foot or bicycle to their washing station for processing.

Competition for cherry can be pretty tough, farmers can deliver to whichever washing station they want. Hence why building and maintaining strong relationships with the surrounding farmers is essential to maintain quality. Training programmes are put in place to help farmers manage selective picking and sorting.

Motherland Farmers goal is to produce the best coffee coming out of Rwanda, and to change the financial situation for the people in one of the very poor regions in Rwanda. The consequence of the terrible genocide in Rwanda in 1994 lead to the soil being unattended and abandoned. Even if overall coffee production at this time was not huge, soil revitalization has been important to grow coffee production from 1994 until today. A key element for Motherland Farmers is sustainable business for both the company and the society in general, where upon this poor region of Rwanda will benefit from the coffee business activities.

Producing premium coffee by farmers can be achieved, still requires proper training and management. To facilitate best practices in coffee farming, Motherland Farmers has already trained 1900 famers, and is in the process of training 1000 farmers more during their 1 ½ years Farmer Training Program. This program is assisting all farmers and the local society in the reconciliation process..

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