Tanzania Ilomba Lot #14

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Single Origin Premium Coffee

Flavor Notes: great fruit notes, sweet nectarine, herbs, lime zest and mint
grapefruit like acidity and medium-high body
Country: Tanzania
Town: Ilomba Village, Mbozi, Mbeya
Farms: Smallholder farmers
Altitude: 1900 m
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: fully washed
Packaging: Grain Pro

Ilomba factory is a washing station located in Ilomba Village, Mbozi district. On steep sloping hills of south western highlands Region of Mbeya. It is a voluntary organisation of smallholder coffee farmers aimed at joining forces to improve coffee production and marketing.



Tanzania, Ilomba Lot # 14

This coffee comes from small smallholder farmers around Ilomba washing station. During the harvest through the months of June to September the coffee is hand-picked and then pulped. After pulping the beans are then passed through washing channels to identify any floaters. They are then left to ferment for 48-72 hours in clean water allowing the build-up of acids like lactic and acetic which drop the pH of the water and are believed to eat away at the mucilage surrounding the beans. This gives rise to the clean and bright cups we associate with East African Coffees.
Once fermentation has finished the beans are then washed again and go through a second washing to remove mucilage and identity floaters. After this, they are then transferred to raised African drying beds where they are turned regularly to ensure even drying, taking between 6-15 days depending on the climate. Once the adequate moisture level is reached the beans are then transferred to the warehouse where the coffee is once again screened with gravity tables and a colour spectrum for quality before removing the parchment ready for export between October and February

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1kg, 250g

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0 – whole beans, 1 – grounded for espresso, 3 – grounded for bialetti, 4 – grounded for aeropress, 5 – grounded for v60 / kalita, 6 – grounded for chemex, 7 – grounded for french press, 9 – grounded for cold brew / karlsbader


roasted for espresso, roasted for filter

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