at a coffee farm in nicaraguaThe variety available in coffee is amazing and therefore we travel and build relations with farmers twice a year, which means that you are being served by someone who has been at the origin and spoken to the people that grow the coffee we roast for you.

We believe in experience and craftsmanship.

Our goal is to produce clean, sweet and balanced coffees by bringing the most delightful flavour characteristics out of each bean.

To ensure the highest quality and consistency, we use professional roast profiling software in order to keep track of every roast. All our coffees are cupped regularly and feedback is given continuously from our baristas at the bar.
roasting organic coffee
The key to great coffee is in research and development: The possibility of changing all available parameters and their influences on flavour profiles is the most important factor in the development of roast profiles and airflow setting. The difference is in the detail and for us, it is worth discovering.

Our organic coffees are approved by Bios-Austria AT-Bio 401

at the coffee pirates roastery
Evelyn at the packaging machines in our roastery and lab in the north of Vienna
at the roasting machine UG22
That’s our wonderful and crazy good roasting machine: Probat UG22 retro