Where there is coffee, there are people!

CoffeePirates – established in 2012 – was the first organic certified 3rd wave coffee shop and speciality roastery in Vienna, the city in which the renowned European coffee tradition all began. Our goal is to source, roast and craft the finest coffees from outstanding coffee farms around the world.

Where there is coffee, there are people.

We travel to origin countries at least twice a year with the aim of creating transparency and traceability. There are people and stories behind every coffee we roast and serve you in a cup.

We see the work with coffee as a valuable handcraft. Every single step of the process is taken pretty seriously. We go beyond fairtrade by rewarding coffee farmers for their efforts in planting, harvesting and processing exceptional coffees. Therefore, with our focus on quality and sustainability, we pay up 3-5 times higher than the market or fairtrade prices.

But CoffeePirates is more than a roastery and speciality coffeeshop. After all these years we are already an institution for the 9th district and the university nearby, and a modern translation of the traditional Viennese coffeehouse culture.

Meet our team

It’s all about the people!

The key to great coffee and success are the people behind the bar, the roastery and in the kitchen.

We appreciate our team, treat our staff members with respect and provide an honest and grateful working atmosphere. We believe, this is the right way to create an environment where our team feels acknowledged and empowered to perform a great job.

Great coffee tastes even better when having fun working in the shop. So find out more about the pirates …

Always on the search for the perfect roast

Evelyn Priesch
The Boss

Always on the search for the perfect wave

Werner Savernik
The Roastmaster

save a horse >> ride a cowboy

Sarah Langeder

biggreen eyes, always ready to shoot

Sophia Grabner


the one and only pub quiz queen

Sarah Plank
Chef de Patisserie

The original flatwhite!

Nina Verhoef
Head Barista

Maple Leaf Pride!

Jessica Thomson
Senior Barista and Roaster

Playing the game of foams

Selma Zachhuber
Senior Barista


The dream of the 90’s is alive in Vienna

Madison Beebe
Senior Barista

Always saving room for coffee and cake

Katharina Savernik
ShopManager and Patisserie

Coffee is the fuel for my creativity

Michael Mayr

Always serving you love in a cup

Ammar Smadi



Pippa Tutschek

yes, you!!!

this could be you
join our team

Working with the best?

CoffeePirates is always looking for fun good vibed barista and allrounder

At CoffeePirates it’s all about coffee. We work with the best machines and equipment available, pull our shots from a KeesVanDerWesten Spirit idro-matic, use MythosTwo gravity and EK43 grinders and brew our cold brew with a Coffeega Ridge. We do regular cuppings together, participate (and win 😉 in championships and competitions, organise trainings, coffee workshops, tastings and also serve coffees on our KeesVanDerWesten Speedster at events, workshops and exhibitions.

Great people with the same love for coffee are always welcome joining our team:

  • if you are passionate about coffee and have experience in 3rd-wave coffee bars, tell us your story…
  • if you like to support our barista as an experienced allrounder…

>> please send us an email with CV and picture to >> office@coffeepirates.at