Colombia La Red de Ecolsierra Organic

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Flavor notes: sweetnes of wild bee honey, cocoa, almonds and apple strudel
Country: Colombia
Farm/Cooperative: La Red de Ecolsierra
District: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Processing: washed and sun dried
Location: around San Pedro and San Javier

100% organic >> approved by Bios-Austria AT-Bio 401

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The coffee is 100% organic produced by the Cooperative La Red.
La Red is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, one of the highest coastal mountains in the world with peaks rising to an altitude of 5,700 meters.

We visited the farmers last in February 2020 and were in awe of the high quality of the coffee beans. Even after visiting hundreds of farms around the world it was a wonderful and unique experience to see the dedication and love that the farmers have for their products and land.
Together with Peter Affenzeller, the owner from Suchan Kaffee, we decided to import a container which arrived in summer 2020.

The landscape around the foothills of the Sierra Nevada is rich in bio diversity and we traveled for many days in Jeeps, with horses, and by foot to visit the farmers and their families around San Pedro and San Javier. In 1979, UNESCO declared the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site, because it contains a vast network of ecosystems that house countless forms of life and that it is home to several indigenous communities.

The mountainous coffee belt is located between 900 to 1900 meters above sea level, with temperatures ranging between 13 and 30°C. This climate allows for a coffee harvest from October to January, which results in a more uniform and richer ripening process of the bean.
The abundance of microclimates and types of soil present in the growing area creates an organic coffee containing sensational cup profiles.

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