El Salvador- Tato’s Choice, honey processed

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Single Estate Premium Coffee

Flavor Notes: dark chocolate, dried plum
a sweet and balanced cup
low acidity and a strong body

Country: El Salvador
Region: El Balsamo, Quezaltepeq
Estate: Finca Santa Cristina
Altitude: 900-1200m
Variety: Bourbon and Pacas
Packaging: Grain Pro Bags
Processing: honey processed

We are good friends of Eduardo “Tato” Hernandez and we are in close touch with the Gonzalez-Hernandez family. Last year we donated a sum of € 850,- for the local school >> Coffee Pirates with support of the Hernandez-Gonzalez family and members of Santa Cristina farm supported
– Text and Reference books for grades 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th; on Mathematics, Science, Health, Environment, Languages and Social Studies
– Games and learning tools for healthy activities during study breaks (by far the funnier stuff!!!)



Honey Processed

Finca Santa Cristina
The family-owned single origin coffees come from El Salvador, with unique microclimates and high-altitude volcanic soils in farms in the Santa Ana (Apaneca / Ilamatepeq) and San Salvador (El Balsamo / Quezaltepeq) Mountain Ranges, where they have been prioritizing social well-being, sustainability and high ethical standards.

All coffees are shade grown and hand-picked in five farms, three of which have the capability for wet milling and raised bed drying, keeping absolute control of the production stages in the supply chain. This artisan agricultural practice has been passed through more than four generations of Hernandez and Gonzalez families with pride and passion for coffee cultivation and processing, enabling the strict management of the coffee crop and assuring that only the highest quality of Salvadoran coffees are coming to our roastery.

“We are driven by the huge tasks and hardships that coffee farmers have to endure, as well as declining coffee market prices defining the livelihood of the coffee supply chain worldwide.”
Eduardo Hernandez


The Hernandez family:
Santa Lucia farm in the Santa Ana volcano (Apaneca / Ilamatepeq coffee region, Santa Ana Volcano / Western coffee belt) has been in the Hernandez family for over five generations. Benjamin Valiente (1880’s), his daughter Alicia Valiente-Hernandez, and now her son Rene Hernandez, have steadily managed the farm until now. In the past 15 years, Rene has expanded to neighbouring farms – San Francisco, San Lucas and Las Palmeras – with all coffee beans being wet-processed and dried on site.

The Gonzalez Family:
Santa Cristina farm is located in the San Salvador volcano (El Balsamo / Quezaltepeq coffee region, San Salvador Volcano / Central belt) reaching over 1,200 metres above sea level. It was bought by Antonio Gonzalez B. during his tenure as a sugar cane & coffee export and processing manager, and passed over to his daughter Ana Cristina Gonzalez-Hernandez. It has been managed by the Gonzalez family for over 40 years.

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